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    Values and Mission

    More Value to Clients

    We strive to evolve our software platform to provide more and more value to our clients, while continuously lowering the Total Cost of Ownership of our solutions.

    Investing & Improving Technology

    We continue to partner with our users to define our roadmap and to constantly improve our technology in ways that are important and valuable to clients. On the other hand, we keep investing in R&D to innovate our solutions and in a continuous effort to downscale the efforts associated with the related implementation.

    Honesty, Integrity & Transparency

    We are committed to customers' success and we strongly believe in honesty, integrity and transparency. We apply these core values to whatever we do.

    Vision: out of the box, no limits, interactive 3D solutions on any 3D model.

    We are a cutting-edge realtime 3D development company, committed on creating value through outstanding 3D experiences. From our base in Torino, Italy, our team of talented professionals creates Gilgamesh, an exceptional agnostic software platform to address next gen realtime 3D solutions.

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